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Dongguan Saiya Rare Earth Industry Co.,Ltd.
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Dongguan Saiya Rare Earth Industry Co.,Ltd.is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the production and application technology development of rareearth polishing materials. The factory produces the polishing powder from rare earth materials synthesis, roasting, riding, and classification into one systematized process line to strictly control the product quality well. The factory uses the most advanced equipment in domestic , absorbing and training highly qualified staff and management talents. With RE control technology performance developed, the company has integrated the development, production and sale. The company has developed SY series of RE polishing powder by adopting high-tech production skills and complete quality management system. The company has got through ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Certification. Our products include RE polishing powder(cerium oxide polishing powder and aluminum oxide polishing powder),polishing pad,polishing solution (diamond solution for polishing sapphire, silicon oxide solution, and aluminum oxide solution for polishing stainless steel, aluminum alloy and resin), diamond powder, and diamond grinding paste.

Since establishment, the company has been concentrating on new products development and cooperating with scientific research institution to complete technical subject of the projects, which has kept the quality of our products in the leading position in domestic RE area.

Looing into the future, Saiya, as always, with principle of honesty, professionalism,intergrowth and reward, will sincerely keep the high level service for domestic and oversea customers and distributors.
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