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Process principles Dongguan polishing powder

Process principles Dongguan polishing powder
Dongguan polishing powder process principle is the use of crystal surface treatment agent in the weight-specific crystal plane processor and the heat generated by friction with stone dual role, through physical and chemical reactions, crystalline arrangement in the stone surface, forming a layer of clear, dense, hard protective layer, serves to increase the hardness and gloss stone maintenance role, Dongguan polishing powder dual use chemical reactions to produce the stone surface, can also make stone brightening, plus a hard, protective, and has a non-slip, anti-footprints, anti-Protective effects of scratches.
Crystal surface treatment process characteristics
1. Gloss, up to 98 degrees, basically reached a new factory of stone standard.
2. High hardness, easy to scratch, usually a hard object (or natural walking) will not cause wear and tear on the stone.
3. Uniform, smooth, natural, clear, feeling a mirror, revealing the natural color of the stone.
4. Dry surface, does not adsorb dust, sand dust just stay on the surface, easy to clean thoroughly.
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