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Dongguan affect performance indicators polishing powder

Dongguan affect performance indicators polishing powder
1, Dongguan polishing powder particle size: determines the polishing accuracy and speed, the number of common objectives and an average particle size of the powder. Mesh screen sieved to grasp the value of the relative size of the powder, the average particle size of polishing powder determines the overall level of particle size.
2, powder Mohs hardness: the hardness of the powder has a relatively large and rapid cutting effect, while also adding some aids, etc. to improve cutting performance; different application areas will be very different, including their own processing .
3, powder suspension: good powder requires polishing powder have better suspension, shape and particle size powders have some influence on the suspension properties, shape and size of these fine pieces of polishing powder suspension relative better, but not never right. Improve the suspension properties of the polishing powder can be improved by adding the suspension (agent).
4. Powder Crystal: Powder crystal is a single crystal particles get together to decide the powder cutting resistance, abrasion resistance and mobility. Powder particles are separated from the single crystal to agglomerate during the polishing process (broken), so that the cutting resistance, decreased abrasion resistance, irregular particles having a hexagonal crystal form good cutting resistance, abrasion resistance and flowability .
5, Dongguan polishing powder Color: raw material content and Pr ignition temperature and other factors related to the higher praseodymium content, its remarkable reddish brown powder. Low cerium polishing powder contains large amounts of praseodymium (cerium, praseodymium material), making it appear reddish brown. High cerium polishing powder, burning temperature is higher, its remarkable whitish pink, low temperature (about 900 degrees), its distinguishing yellow.
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