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Professional supplier of polishing material

Polishing material was thrown for a substance, polishing glass, metal, leather, semiconductors, plastics, precious stones. Jade stainless steel grinding and polishing.
The glass polishing using red iron oxide, with a suspension powder mixture after use like tin dioxide, aluminum oxide, cerium oxide, barium carbonate, chalk, clay, diatomaceous earth, etc., with water.
Metal and plastic polishing solid ointment.
There are four commonly used polishing paste.
(1) white polishing paste. With the lime and stearic acid, a fatty acid, paint grease, tallow, suet, wax, etc. made for nickel, copper, aluminum and bakelite and other polishing.
(2) yellow polishing paste. By feldspar powder and paint with the fat, fatty acids, rosin, Huang Dan, lime, soil, etc. Pink is made for copper, iron, aluminum and bakelite and other polishing.
(3) Green polishing paste. Tie made from fatty acids and chromium oxide green, etc., used in stainless steel and polished chrome, etc. (4) Red polishing paste. With the fatty acid, ash, red iron oxide, etc. made for metal polishing and buffing before plating gold, silver back light and so on.
Dongguan City, South City Race rare earth polishing materials business specializes in the preparation and application of rare earth materials technology development professional supplier of polishing materials, the main products include: polishing powder, Dongguan polishing powder, polishing leather, suction pads, blocking Neeb, silicon carbide polishing materials, ordering phone 0769-22857029
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