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Polishing powder, Dongguan City, South City Race rare earth polishing materials business direct prices

Dongguan City, South City Race rare earth polishing materials business specializes in the preparation and application of rare earth materials technology development, the main products include: polishing powder, Dongguan polishing powder, polishing leather, suction pads, blocking Neeb, silicon carbide polishing materials, telephone 0769-22857029
Material 1, polishing powder
Polishing powder usually consists of cerium oxide, aluminum oxide, silicon oxide, iron oxide, zirconium oxide, chromium oxide and other components of the composition, different hardness of different materials in different chemical nature of the water, the use of different applications. Alumina and chromia Mohs hardness of 9, cerium oxide and zirconium oxide is 7, a lower iron oxide. High chemical activity of cerium oxide, silicate glass, a considerable hardness, it is widely used in glass polishing.
In order to increase the polishing rate of cerium oxide, cerium oxide is usually added fluorine to increase the removal rate of polishing powder. Low cerium content of the mixed rare earth polishing powder is usually mixed with 3-8 fluorine; pure cerium oxide polishing powder is usually not mixed with fluorine.
ZF or F series of glass, the hardness itself, because the smaller, and the higher the fluorine content of the material itself, and therefore does not contain fluorine due to the choice of polishing powder as well.
2, the particle size of cerium oxide
The larger the particle size of cerium oxide, the grinding force, the more rigid material is adapted to, ZF glass should be polished with a fine powder of partial. It should be noted that all of the particles of the cerium oxide has a distribution problem, the size of the average particle diameter or the median diameter D50 of the polishing rate depends only on the speed, and the maximum particle size Dmax determines the level of precision polishing. Therefore, to obtain high accuracy requirements, must be controlled maximum particle polishing powder.
3, the hardness of polishing powder
Real hardness and materials related to polishing powder, such as cerium oxide hardness Mohs hardness is about 7, a variety of ceria are similar. But different people feel different ceria body rigidity, because cerium oxide polishing powder is usually aggregates, drawings for electron micrograph of a polishing powder aggregates. Due to the different firing temperature, intensity aggregates are not the same, so there will be a different feeling when the hardness of use. Of course, some polishing powder was added to a harder material such as alumina, demonstrated by the grinding rate and wear resistance will increase.
4, the concentration of the polishing slurry
Concentration of the slurry during polishing the polishing rate determines the higher the concentration the greater the polishing rate. When using small particles of polishing powder, slurry concentration due to appropriately lower.
5, polishing mode selection
Polishing mold should be a little soft. It should be noted that many of the polyurethane polishing pad of the cerium oxide polishing powder is added. The maximum particle size of polishing powder also determines the final polishing precision. In my between, preferably using a polishing without polishing powder mold.
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