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Polishing theory and performance requirements of Dongguan polishing powder

Polishing theory and performance requirements of Dongguan polishing powder
Generally use glass polishing materials, the need to ensure that its performance requirements, not only scratch the surface of the glass, polishing and strong performance, it can be used as the material of choice for polishing. Zibo Shanwaishan Polishing Materials Co., polishing powder is cerium oxide primarily in the manufacturing process in order to maintain the performance of the glass polishing powder in Dongguan, a peer during calcination temperature and time to control better. Affect the performance of polishing powder is mainly reflected in the particle size, the suspensions and the like. Glass polishing principle is leveled by the abrasive surface to make it more smooth, polished manner also in different, for glass polishing, polishing want to get the ideal results, you need to go through a comprehensive selection of abrasive elements.
Currently the most commonly used are the abrasive polishing: polishing powder, polishing liquid, polishing mode. Dongguan polishing powder suitable for use in a variety of glass products, polishing, surface requirements for optical glass is high, if it can not reach the surface flatness, its use will affect the results. Polishing abrasive polishing powder as the main component, the market demand is quite large. Many customers at the time of purchase can not detect the corresponding performance.
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