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Improved use of Dongguan polishing material

Improved use of Dongguan polishing material
Laser damage threshold on the chin due to phosphate glass, fused silica and BK7 laser inertial confinement fusion devices most used in optical materials, Dongguan polishing material running on high-power laser beam, the greater the surface roughness elements the smaller, so that its surface quality has become an important economic indicators of the impact device, and therefore the roughness index requirements ICF device for such a polished optics are very high.
Messiah Rare Earth Industry Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, the main manufacturers of polishing powder, polishing materials in Dongguan with major domestic and international high-power drive laser device development, the demand for this type of intense laser optics processing is getting bigger, it we need to engage in optical processing personnel to seek a balance in meeting the targets and ensure efficiency. Polishing powder particle size selection is an important aspect of the influence of the glass material polishing efficiency and surface quality, overseas have also carried out a more in-depth theoretical and experimental feasibility studies.
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