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Polishing theory and performance requirements of Dongguan polishing powder

China recently announced that it will enhance the protection of rare earths (rare), measures to restrict exports. The State Council announced on fire clay fluorite mining, production and export regulate the "notice", the control reduced refractory clay, fluorite mining and production, the strict control of new mining capacity, and actively promote industrial restructuring, the effective implementation of export measures improve resource tax.
Weak competitive position of foreign companies
Specifically, since January 2 by the bureau in principle no longer accepting new mine exploration and mining application for registration, the NDRC and the Ministry of Industry is responsible for formulating the annual production plan and develop new industry access standards, starting in March 1 carried out. The next six years, China will no longer approve new rare earth ore mining rights. Since 2009 to 2015, China's annual exports of rare earth will be controlled within thirty-five thousand tons, and prohibited the export of dysprosium, terbium, thulium, yttrium and other rare earths. According to the draft, the central government and corporate restructuring of rare earth resources will enable the supply of rare earth priority domestic demand. Affected by the news, China Rare Earth (769) shares rose nearly 40% yesterday.
In fact, the restrictions on the export of rare earth in China is also negative, is not granted a new mine, so that the price increase could compensate for the loss of exports; In addition, due to the scarcity of rare earth resources, the ability to pass is not low, the overall beneficial for the industry. It is worth noting that, on the rare earth market in China to rebuild the pattern, as foreign companies, Chinese rare earth is not dominant competitive position.
Quoted by the media, "from 2009 to 2015 rare earth industry development programming" that China will gradually built about twenty backbone enterprise groups, rebuilding a new pattern of China rare earth industry, in August 2009, Minmetals and Jiangxi Copper and Steel RE is listed as a national consolidation of three rare earth industry leading enterprises. And they are the rare earth industry for pattern construction has begun before this. As the North's flagship rare earth enterprises, Baotou Steel Rare Earth in recent years has won a number of large and medium rare earth enterprises in Inner Mongolia and Shandong provinces; and last April, Jiangxi Copper (358) integrates multiple rare earth enterprises Mianning of; by the end of November last year, Minmetals Ganzhou local companies also jointly established a joint venture Minmetals rare Earth (Ganzhou) AG, trying to develop the world's largest rare earth companies within five years.
The integration of the past year, Minmetals Jiangxi seize the market, JCC control the market in Sichuan, Baotou Steel Rare Earth will master the northern markets, Guangdong Rising Nonferrous occupied the market. As foreign investment, China's rare earth mining rights can not be directly holds more unable to integrate a slice from the industry.
Deep processing to seek a breakthrough
Recombinant direction of China's rare earth industry in addition to bigger and stronger, there is a deep-processing, high value-added downstream process to remain in the country, this may be the breakthrough strategy of Chinese rare earth. The company last year announced the implementation of the Siemens subsidiary Osram enter into investment contracts, set up a joint venture engaged in the research, development, production and sale of fluorescent powder products in China, the joint venture company in full production, with an annual output of its three-color phosphor powder can be up to up to two thousand tons.
On the other hand, the company also plans to invest 227 million yuan high-end LCD monitors rare earth polishing powder production line, Yixing production line capacity increased from 500 tons in two phases to two tons. Polishing powder used in LCD display, namely computers, high-definition screens, mobile phones, digital cameras and other electronic products, including jewelry and more for other purposes. At present, China's rare earth separation midstream business accounted for 75% of overall revenue, downstream processing accounts for only 25%, the company has said Shenjiagongye in order to increase the proportion of production capacity will double within three years, involving capital funding for open 700 million-800 million yuan.
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